„I love process of creating. That’s when I feel I live life fully!“

Martin Novak

I am commercial photographer, based in Bratislava, Slovakia. My passion is photographing of portraits in natural environment and authentic lifestyle photography. I have luck I can dedicate this area also professionaly.

In my photography vision, it is crucial photographs look authentic and believable. Photos must capture spontaneity although situations and scenes are mostly carefuly prepared and directed. Fun and great time with people inseparably belong to my photographing :-). Important is not only result but equally also creation process itself.

And when I am not with camera or behind computer, I like spending my time in the garden among fruit trees, traveling around the world and hiking in the Slovak mountains. The greatest happiness for me are my two little kids and my amazing wife.

Let’s go create together! Contact me through Contact Form, send me an email on martin.novak@mnovakphoto.com.

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